accomadations for diverse learners

12 Commandments of Accommodations

Before class
1. Give students your notes a few days before class, if possible.
2, Give them the lab document a few days before the lab, if possible.
3. Explain the key words first before they are used when discussing that topic in class.
4. Put documents in DOC or PPT, but not PDF, so that they can change the font and colour background

During Class
5. Use images and diagrams where possible.
6. Repeat and rephrase key points throughout the class.
7. Speak clearly and using gestures to emphasize key points.
8. Provide model answers where possible.

Doing Labs
9. Make sure they are working in a quiet area.
10. Don't penalize them for spelling errors.
11. Break down tests and assignments into small parts using new paragraphs and bullet points to break things up.
12. Provide them with extended time for testing, where applicable.




Asperger's Syndrome

Anxiety Disorder



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