Active Learning: Group Tools



In this page there is a collection of active learning tools for groups, that can help in communication and reflection. Each video is available on YouTube and for download. Also included is a brief description of each technique and I have created a PowerPoint presentation for you to download and use.

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Active Reading

(Video length: 1 minute)

Students are given an unfamiliar piece of text. In pairs or small groups they are asked to formulate questions agree answers to the questions.

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(Video length: 1.5 minutes)

Students are given text in one format and are asked to present it in another. For example a paper could be turned into a newspaper report.

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Random Pictures

(Video length: 2.5 minutes)

Some students look at a picture, and have to describe it to other students who haven’t seen the picture. They can’t say what the picture is, but they can describe the geometry of the image.

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Flow Charting

(Video length: 1.5 minutes)

Students are given a text on an unfamiliar topic. They are asked to study the text in pairs and then to produce a flowchart or diagram that summarises the process described in the text.

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