Programming and Algorithms: Week 12


Exams and Revision

What are we doing this week?

This week we are going to look back on everything we have learned so far both on the PSEUDOCODE side of things and on the PYTHON side of things.
PseudoCode Python Python Logo

Powerpoint: Review of PseudoCode
[Taught in class]

Powerpoint: Review of Python
[Taught in class]
Total running time of videos is 0 minutes.

Sample Code:
 *HelloWorldProgram * AddingNumbers * RegularDivision * IntegerDivision * DivisionRemainder * VariablePrint * StringVariablePrint * PrintMessage * ConvertFromCelsiusToFahrenheit * SimpleIfStatement * AnotherSimpleIfStatement * AnotherSimpleIfStatementPrints * AnotherSimpleIfStatementPrintsShorter * IsOddOrEven * BiggerOfThree * BiggerOfThreeElif * MultiChoiceQuestion * GetGrade * Print1To5 * Sum1To5 * Factorial * Print1To5For * Prime Checker * Fibonacci


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