Key Skills for Students


In this page there is a collection of key student skills. Each video is available on YouTube and for download. Also included is a brief description of each topic and I have created a PowerPoint presentation for you to download and use.

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(Video length: 14 minutes)

Plagiarism is a very serious academic issue, that every student must be aware of. This talk includes a description of plagiarism, excuses that don't work, and activities.

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(Video length: 17.5 minutes)

This talk on teamwork focuses on the Tuckman Four Stages for Team Develoment: Forming, Storming, Norming, and Performing.

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Funding for Students

(Video length: 5 minutes)

Some advice for accessing funding for students who encounter financial problems.
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SQ3R for Video Reviewing

(Video length: 5 minutes)

Using a modified version of Rowntree's SQ3R method to actively view and review videos.
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