Instructional Design and eAuthoring

Instructional Design and eAuthoring


On completion of the module, participants:

  1. Design a small-scale pedagogically sound and accessible eLearning resource/activity, informed by relevant theories and using appropriate technologies.
  2. Develop a storyboard to plan for a user-friendly, technically robust and pedagogically effective eLearning resource/activity
  3. Justify decisions relating to the selection, design and use of elearning technologies taking into account the impact of the learning context.
  4. Apply principles of learning orientations to an identified eLearning situation within their own working context.
  5. Critically discuss the pedagogical value of specific eLearning materials in a range of different contexts
  6. Critically discuss the usability of specific eLearning materials in a range of different contexts
  7. Demonstrate positive and constructive contribution to group work.

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Module Specification

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assessment page

Week 1
Introduction to Instructional Design
and eAuthoring
instructional design and e authoring introductrionRecording
Week 2
Instructional Design Models
instructional design and e authoring models Recording
Week 3
Conceptual Design Tools
 I D E A DesignRecording
Week 4
eLearning Development Tools
instructional design and e authoring in detail Recording
Week 5
Evaluation Instruments
instructional design and e authoring evaluationRecording

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Instructional Design Models

Instructional Design Tools


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